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The auxiliary activities for river transport

  • Repair, maintenance of technical characteristics of the river transport infrastructure being leased to the company;
  • Providing the access of customer to the river transport infrastructure, freely and non discriminatory according to legal frame;
  • The terrestrial and floating signalizing for sealing into the port roadstead;
  • Dredging for ensuring the sealing depths into the ports and on river ways;
  • Technical assistance on the operations of dangerous cargo;
  • Taking over the dross and bilge waters from ships;
  • Taking over the waste and garbage from ships;
  • Public port services for the sport boats and tourism;
  • Purveyance the fresh water, electric and thermal power;
  • The salvage of wrecks;
  • Services for pollution fighting into the port roadstead and port territory.

The port control activities

  • The assessment of the access order into the port, the assignation of operating berths for vessels under loading/unloading procedure and releasing the berth access permit;
  • Follow up the cargo traffic into the port, management of data concerning the cargo volume, the born port and the freight terminal for loading/unloading of cargo, the number of vessels and procedures applied during the operations on berth;
  • The surveillance of river carriers and stevedoring companies of dangerous cargo on national river ways and into the roadstead of ports located inside of company's activity sector.

The company's head quarters is located into Giurgiu Port and it is organized on functional units bases: a branch office into port Drobeta Turnu-Severin, agencies into port Calarasi, Bechet si Calafat, all units being in charge as port authorities on it's own jurisdiction zone.

The ports under the administration of our company has a territory of 1.51 million sq.m. and are able to handle over 15 million tons / year along of over 16.200 m length of quays, through grain terminals, oil terminals, facilities for solid and liquid bulk cargo, general cargo, RO-RO vessels and passengers ferries.

The most important ports administered by CN ADPF SA are: Cernavoda km.300, Calarasi km.370, Oltenita km.430, Giurgiu km.493, Corabia km.630, Bechet km.679, Calafat km.794, Drobeta Turnu-Severin km.931, Orsova km.955, Moldova Veche km.1046.

The ware traffic registered through the main Romanian river ports was of 2.62 million tons during 2006, with an increasing trend related to the year 2005, and for the first half of the year 2007 it is registered an increasing of the cargo flow of 50% reporting to the same period of the last year.

The passengers and cruise vessels traffic through river ports are consistently enhanced year by year. The keen interest shown by the travel agencies involved in cruise programs is related to the high attraction of foreign tourist to the historical and cultural destinations of Romania attainable from the river ports. Along 2006 have been registered a number of 682 accostings of cruise vessels into the ports Giurgiu, Cernavoda, Oltenita and Dr.Tr.Severin, port which ensured public tourist services for 64,500 passengers.

Through the European Union financing program PHARE CBC 2000, into Giurgiu port was achieved the project: "The ecologization of Danube and transport facilities" by accomplishment of pollution fighting berth endowed with modern automatic units for processing of infested waters and the acquisition of a pollution fighting vessel designed to provide both, complete services for taking over of garbage, bilge waters and dross from vessels and also for quick intervention to counteract the accidental pollution on Danube on the Romanian and Bulgarian joint border sector.
The investment effort was of 2 million Euro, out of which 340,000 Euro were the company's own contribution.

The complex to provide the ecologization includes:

  • Self propelled multifunction vessel "ECOSTAR 1" which unfolds services for collecting the accidental leaked oil products out of the surface of river and inland canals.
  • Unpropelled pollution fighting vessel "ND 2282"

The technical vessel endowed and treatment of bilge waters, grey and black waters from sewaragw systems of river vessels.

The most recent investment of C.N. APDF S.A. Giurgiu: custom check point, medical center, fito-sanitary check point, veterinary check point, border police, the surveillance and control system, waiting rooms, pub facilities.

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