Is an association of romanian inland ports, non-governmental and non-profit, named "Union of Romanian Inland Ports" with the main office in Galati, 34 Portului street, 800025.
Phone: +40 236 460660-63
Fax:     +40 236 460140


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Main activity

  • NC PAMD's SA Galati main activity is to provide proper operation condition to all users of the port infrastructure existing in its activity area, in line with the European Union standards.
  • NC PAMD SA Galati, on the basis of a concluded agreement with ROMANIAN MINISTRY OF TRANSPORTS, has in concession the quays, roadsteads, berths and basins as well as the whole amount of port territories located on its activity area.
  • Thus, in15 years of activity, the Company has consolidated a well known reputation in providing efficient and professional services.
Main services
  • Providing proper operation conditions to all users of the ports infrastructure existing in its activity area;
  • Ports infrastructure repairs operations;
  • Hydraulic constructions maintenance;
  • Land and water signalization for river navigation;
  • Maintenance dredging to provide necessary depths on its ports and under the inland waterways on its activity area;
  • Vessels assistance for loading/unloading of dangerous freights;
  • Renting of port grounds;
  • Carrying on of supervising activities, such as: berths allocation for river and seagoing vessels, mooring permit release on the basis of Master Harbor's entry acceptance for vessels;
  • Keeping the records of harbor workers and releasing the harbor's work license.

Other Services
  • Waste waters and hydrocarbons residues collecting from river and seagoing vessels;
  • Sewage and garbage residues collecting from river and seagoing vessels; Vessels assistance for oil and petrochemical products transferring, upon request;
  • Port traffic coordination during the periods of ports congestion;
  • Carrying out of the IT systems for the ports on its activity area and the connections with other national or international IT port systems;
  • Releasing the necessary approvals for companies with connected activities within the Maritime Danube Ports;
  • Implementation of the tasks assigned by Romanian Government, related to the navigation international agreements, on its activity area.

The main directions of our company's strategy for the development of the ports that NC PAMD SA Galati is managing are the following:
  • Development of Galati Port as a logistic platform serving the commercial exchanges between the Western and Central countries and the Eastern European countries, as an alternative to the road transport;
  • Development of Galati Port as a feeder port for Constantza Port, through the Danube Black Sea Channel;
  • Development of Galati Port for the sea short shipping navigation through the Sulina Channel with the purpose to deplete Constantza Port of the vessels with a tonnage below 5000 tdw;
  • Development of Braila Port as feeder for Galati Port;
  • Development of Tulcea Port for cruising tourism with river and maritime vessels.

European integration

For the purpose of integrating the Maritime Danube's Ports in the European Transport Network, our Company is pursuing several strategic directions:
  • Connecting the ports with hinterland
  • Attracting the investments which bring cargo traffic
  • Long time development of infrastructure
  • Increase of competitiveness
  • Regional integration
  • Cooperation and partnership with European organizations

The Company's strategy for log time development in ports:

  • Investments in port infrastructure to be compatible with the natural environment
  • Informing and involvement of port users
  • Training of personnel
  • Collection and management of wastage coming from vessels
  • Pollution prevention and intervention in case of accident

Looking for/requesting

  • Technology (organizations and programs
  • Business partners
  • Financial sources
  • Financial sources from donor (grant)
  • Industrial equipment (contribution in kind to investment projects)
  • Training programs for employees
  • Complementary projects.

  • Offering

  • Business partner
  • Financial sources
  • Industrial land (with associated services to be developed)
  • Port facilities
  • Institutional support

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