Is an association of romanian inland ports, non-governmental and non-profit, named "Union of Romanian Inland Ports" - with the main office in Galati, 34 Portului street, 800025.
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Docks Port
General view

  • Geographical position: It is situated on the left side of the Danube, at sea mile 80, and provides shipping and forwarding services, being specialised in the traffic of general goods and grains. (show map)

  • Harbour facilities

  • The total surface of the harbour is of 169,331.00 sqm.

  • The access to the port can be done by roads, by railways (with standard and wide gauge) and waterway.
    1. The roads network allows the transit of both regular and special (overall exceeded dimensions / weight) goods, and is connected with the national roads network;

    2. The railways have a total length of 2,619 m, disposed as follows:
    3. - 1,313 m of rails for reception/dispatch;
      - 1,206 m fronts for loading/discharging;
      - 100 m of wide gauge rails for loading/discharging of the C.I.S. wagons.

      The wagons shunting within the harbour area is done using its own railway engine
    4. The waterway
    • The access can be done by barges, river vessels and maritime vessels of max. 8,000 dwt (their dwt capacity and draft depend on the max. allowed draft at the Sulina channel entrance).

    • There are 7 (seven) berths assigned to the Port, as follows:
      - 3 (three) berths of 120 m length each are situated on the Danube shore;
      - 4 (four) berths of 90 -110 m length each are situated in the harbour's basin.

    • There is 1 (one) berth of 130 m length situated in the harbour's basin and specialized in grains, that operates under the status of a regular port.

    The technical endowment of the harbour

    • floating cranes: 1 x 32 tons, 2 x 16 tons;
    • quay cranes: 2 x 10 tons, 3 x 8 tons, 3 x 5 tons, 1 x 25 tons (crane bridge - transcontainer);
    • mobile cranes: 1 x 50 tons, 1 x 25 tons and 1 x 63 tons;
    • lift trucks: 1 x 28 tons, 1 x 10 tons, 1 x 7 tons, 1 x 3.2 tons, 1 x 2 tons;
    • wheel loaders: 2 x 3.4 cbm;
    • 1 (one) river pusher of 600 HP.

    Port Operator

    SC Port Docuri SA Galati
    Adress: 56 Portului street, Galati
    Phone: +40 236 4608881;
    Fax: +40 236 460913
    E-mail: office@portdocuri.ro

    Web: http://www.metaltrade.ro

    Traffic 2000-2006


    Docks Port Galati provides all the usual harbour services, comprising:

  • Loading / discharging (directly or indirectly) of a large variety of goods, such as:
  • - steel products
    - bulk goods: coke, coal, ore, ballast and pit products, construction materials
    - grains
    - containerized goods
    - general goods
    - various industrial equipments
    - food stuffs
  • Stowage / lashing / dunnaging / securing of the goods on any kind of transportation means
  • Storage on concrete platforms with a total surface of 67,137 sqm, and/or in warehouses covering 17,940 sqm

  • The short and medium term policy of the top management aims to modernize and to extend the harbour activities, for reaching the standard of the important European ports, by:

  • Rehabilitation and bringing up-to-date of the platforms and access ways corresponding to the berths nos. 22 and 23, in order to allow the traffic of a new kind of goods, i.e. containerized goods
    - dead line: December 31, 2007
  • Setting-up of a new berth intended for a containers terminal
    - dead line: March 1, 2008.
  • Purchasing of a reachsteacker and a heavy duty crane (abt. 150 tons) specialized for containers handling
    - dead line: December 31, 2008.

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