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On 14 of June 2018, a number of companies working in maritime sector, from Romania, Cipru, Italia, Croatia, Bulgaria si Albania, met wxperts and BLUE NET project consortium, in Larnaca, at World Cafe event, to share ideas and knowledge from their field of acrivity as well, with experts support, to identify joint path to meet the common needs. The event is intended to be a start in the cooperation of maritime companies, especially SME's, in the Black Sea and Adriatica Sea to be further developed based on increased role of maritime clusters.
As member of project consirtium UPIR take part to this event together with three companies from maritime sector, TB IMPORT EXPORT Ltd Galati represented by mr.Bogos Tudorel, DOCURI JSC Galati represented by mr.Catalin Mihailescu and DUNAV Ltd Braila represented by mr.Broasca Ionut.


sageata1 Second Newsletter - DANUBE SKILLS

sageata1 First Newsletter - DANUBE SKILLS, responds to his first challenges on his European road from Bucharest to Brussels!

sageata1 Danube SKILLS - Increased institutional capacity in Danube navigation by boosting joint transnational competences and skills in education and public development services

Link-uri utile: www.interreg-danube.eu/danube-skills

Blue NET

sageata1 Blue NET Consortium Meeting in Varna

sageata1 Blue NET: the European project for networking between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea has started
On the 27th and 28th September it has been launched Blue NET, the European project coordinated by mareTC FVG which has obtained the best evaluation among the 28 proposals submitted on the call “Projects in the context of the Integrated Maritime Policy in the Black Sea and/or Mediterranean Sea regions” (EASME/EMFF/2015/ The call was published by EASME, the Executive Agency for SMEs to whom the European Commission delegated the implementation of part of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund actions under direct management.

The project meets the objective pointed out by EASME of promoting the networking among maritime clusters of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea in the field of specific areas of research, innovation and competitive growth of the enterprises, directly connected to the European maritime policy and the blue economy.

Blue NET involves the Bulgarian maritime cluster MCB, the Cypriot maritime cluster Mar.In.E.M., the Albanian region of Shkodër, The Union of Romanian inland ports UPIR and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture of University of Zagreb. The Kick-off meeting has given the opportunity to the representatives of the project partners to plan in details the beginning of activities which will last 24 months and include the involvement of SMEs and research institutions in innovation joint paths.

sageata1 BFeasibility study for establishment of the most efficient solutions for regular maritime services connecting Black Sea and Danube ports - Final Report

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