Is an association of romanian inland ports, non-governmental and non-profit, named "Union of Romanian Inland Ports" - with the main office in Galati, 34 Portului street, 800025.
Phone: +40 236 460660-63
Fax:     +40 236 460140


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The purpose and the activities unfolded by the Union of Romanian Inland Ports
The purposes of the Union of Romanian Inland Ports are:
  • To study general problems of development and prognosis, which inland ports are interested in, especially the transportation problems, port transshipment and goods storing and promotion of joint positions towards these problems at national level and in behalf of the Romanian inland ports;

  • To provide information exchange between its members;

  • To promote the activities carried out in the Romanian inland ports, their position within the national economy and at European and international level;

  • To represent its members in front of the national and international institutions and bodies;

  • To sustain and promote the investment projects of it's members and of other public or private entities, of local or regional interest, generating added value, with positive social & economic impact;

  • Active involvement in implementation of viable investment projects, as well as in identification of material, human and financial resources necessary for their achievement;

  • Identification and achievement of partnerships, including public-private partnerships, at local, national and the European Community level, in order to implement the projects having an active role in economically and socially sustaining and accelerated development of the port sector;

  • Promotion and support through all legal means of it's members access to the public or private resources put at their disposal through the Romanian State Budget and/or through the Financing Programmes developed by the European Union, as well as by other authorities, institutions, entities of public or private law, intended to start, implement and develop the legal economic activities of any kind, development of human and material resources, starting, implementation and development of activities, other than the ones with economic purpose;

  • Representation and support of it's members interests in their relations with the authorities and institutions of the Romanian State, bodies of the European Union and/or other authorities, institutions, entities of public or private law involved in financing and/or implementation of the programmes for supporting and developing the legal economic activities or of activities, other than the ones with economic purpose;

  • To attract new good flows and to promote the VII Pan European, Corridor of Transport, Danube as a main artery for good and/or passenger transport to/from the European Union;

  • To facilitate the information exchange in the specific field of activity and to encourage active participation at different projects of research and publishing of their results;

The main activities unfolded by Union of Romanian Inland Ports in order to reach it's purpose are as follows:
  • To make the necessary approaches to the State institutions or other similar institutions in order to ensure the participation of its members to training courses, seminars, conferences related to the activity developed and to the financing programmes;

  • Collaboration with economic agents during the implementation of the programmes in order to support them in the Project successful completion;

  • To co-operate with syndicates, employers, chambers of commerce and other local professional organizations and/or bodies of local/central administration in order to identify and take the necessary measures with regard to the its members support in order to be adapted to the requirements and/or standards imposed by the position of member of the European Union of the Romanian State;

  • To facilitate the cooperation of its members with local and central bodies of administration and with the institutions representing management units of the projects financed through the monitored financing programmes or which have attributions in development of these financing programmes ;

  • To give assistance and provide services to economic agents, non-governmental organizations, associations, foundations and other similar entities in economic, managerial, social, technical, financial, educational and legal field;

  • To actively participate, at local level, to the social dialog and to valorize the acquired experience, knowledge and information in order to facilitate elaboration of decisions and legal norms concerning the activity developed in respect of the financing programmes;

  • To carry out different activities and services requested by the economic agents, non-governmental organizations associations, foundations and other similar entities, as follows:

    - activities of market study and research -
    Makes in its own name or in collaboration with other specialized entities activities of research, market studies, elaborates strategies of development, surveys which can constitute database of public or private interest;

    - activities of consultancy for business and management -
    Gives assistance and consultancy through its own specialists or through other physical or legal bodies specialized in economic, managerial, social, technical, financial, educational field, in financing programmes and other fields, inclusively accounting services and human resources and remuneration services

    - selection and labour placement, testing and evaluation of employed personnel from fields and branches as:
    Industry, agriculture, commerce and services, in modern conditions and with high professional competence, at the international standards.

    - specialized adults training, non-comparable with general education -
    Carrying out training courses, professional formation and improvement courses for enterprisers, employees, unemployed persons or various persons interested to attend the programmes of professional formation.

    - implementation and providing necessary assistance in order to certificate the Quality Management Systems;

    - activities of professional organizations -
    carrying out any other necessary activities stipulated by the legal provisions in force, in order to achieve the objectives of the "Union of Romanian Inland Ports".

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